Seoul Land

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 Jun 17, 2015

Park Hours changes according to Month and Day.

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20,000 Won

17,000 Won

15, 000 Won

Free admission is allowed to infants under 36 months. Please bring a valid ID or valid documents for verification


18,000 Won

15,000 Won

13,000 Won

One day pass





Admission +unlimited free use of an attraction (except experiemntal facilities/ coin facilities/ special exhibitions/ special performances)


Seperately Charges

  • Separately charged facilities are available after admission to Seoulland (after purchasing admission, one day pass or ticket for big 5)
  • Please wear a swimsuit and swimming cap when using the outdoor pool.
  • Availability of these rides can be cancelled due to weather condition and other circumstances





Sky X

1 person ride

15,000 Won


2 people ride

20,000 Won


3 people ride

25,000 won



1 person

5,000 won


Sky Adventure

Beginner Course


3,000 won for accompanying parents

Challenger course

8,000 Won

4,000 won for accompanying parents

Dragon Tank

1 person

5,000 won


2~4 people

10,000 Won

The Dragon Tank is available at 8,000won for one day pass holders


Water Walk

1 person

3,000 Won


Outdoor Pool (summer)

1 person

8,000 Won

The outdoor pool is avaible at 4,000won for one day pass holders


Snow Sled (winter)

1 person

Adult 5,000won/ youth 5,000 won/ child 4,000won (free for one day pass holders)




Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack

Sky Adventure


Outdoor Pool


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Character Festival

The middle of March ~ The beginning of June

The Seoul Land full of flower flagrances! Popular characters’ spring picnic starts while a lot of vivid spring flowers are fully blossomed.
Characters’ cute tricks performed at the parade and road show ! Many chances to take a picture with characters are also presented.

Water Festival

The end of June ~ The end of August

The largest water pistol battle on earth, Water Wars~
Please, come together and unite to defeat villains. Another pleasure! The best performance in the summer! Stunt diving pirate show!
The heat and humidity fly away at the cool diving pirate show presented on a pirate ship.


Halloween Festival

The middle of September ~ The end of October

Oriental and Western ghosts are all gathered here.
From scary goblins to lovely and cute monsters!
We invite you to our dreadful festival featured by Halloween characters.

Christmas Party

The beginning of November ~ The end of December

It is always snowing white Christmas at the Seoul Land~
Enjoy this romantic Christmas party with your friends, lover and family~
You may join our special event in which you can give gifts to your children by becoming Santa papa and mom.


Snow Party

January 1 ~ The beginning of March

Let’s go to the Seoul Land for exciting snow sledding!
Winter’s best excitement-the snow sledding field opens. Have fun and get excited on either adult or kid course.
Also enjoy ice sledding on a frosty frozen lake.



Character Parade

You can meet popular characters shown on TV at our parade.

Yellow and Red from Lavar appear, riding on a huge can!

Speeder from Vroomiz is moving around with hanging a magnificent wheel,

Supernannybot Alpo is going around Seoulland, riding on a skateboard.

Cute parade of playful and lovely character animals!

Darling puppy train Popoty at Clock Town Tickety Toc!

A colorful parade unfolded together with Seoulland's Arong and Darong!

Log into our homepage for reservation to get on the puppy train Popoty and

have a pleasant dance time with characters at the World Plaza!

See you at 2015 Seoulland Character Parade!


Spring Carnival

A musical combined with dance, music and circus performances to present a story of a nameless character hero with a timid nature 
who has turned into a world super star !
The hero who failed to join the spring carnival dance team due to his lack of dance skills is
discourages due to the interruption of Witch Meranda
. With help from forest fairies, the hero becomes a top super star and successfully holds a big festival in which characters, fairies Meranda and dark dancers become one.


Eori’s Character Commando

 Eori, Engkey and Vroomiz's friends

The count has used a dreadful magic to our friend's peaceful house!

I wonder if the friends could be safe...

A children’s musical in which familiar friends shown on TV become character commando members!

We invite you to this wonderful performance featuring with exciting dance and special effects.





Parking Tickets must be paid in advance and can be redeemed with cash at restaurants and stores in Seoul Land. Refund is availabe at the ticket booth.

Compact, Handicapped (1,000cc): 5,000 Won

Sedan: 10,000 Won

Large-Sized Buses (More than 25 seaters): 20,000 Won


Address : 181, Gwangmyeong-ro, Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 427-703

Location : Gyeonggi-do > Gwangmyeong-si


Arrive at Seoulland main gate by taking the Elephant train (paid) 100m from Subway Line 4 Grand Park and Seoulland tation,
Exit Number 2.
Amusement Park that opens up hopes and dreams Seoulland first opened in May 1988, right before the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, as the first Korean amusement them park. The unique themes are presented > READ MORE
Amusement Park that opens up hopes and dreams

Seoulland first opened in May 1988, right before the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, as the first Korean amusement them park. The unique themes are presented in the World Plaza, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, Samchulli Hill and others.

As subway lines opened in 1994, Seoulland has become a favorite spot with its close location to the Seoul Grand Park’s zoo and Botanical Garden, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Gwacheon National Science Museum.

Also Seoulland has continuously brought about changes by introducing a flower festival with tulips, cherry blossoms, mums and various other amusement facilities, performances and exhibitions every year.
The nighttime views are especially enjoyable with fantastic fireworks and laser shows.

Seoulland plans to future develop its park by introducing various amusement facilities so that it can provide visitors with precious memories during their visit all year long.
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TEL: 02-509-6000