Heyri Art Valley

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 Apr 07, 2015

Heyri Artvalley

Hyeri is a village artists dream about being in: it is a beautiful village filled nature, culture and architecture. 


What is Heyri doing?

A place for creating:

Around five hundred writers and artists in the field of art, music, drama, cinema, photography, sculpture, ceramics, literature, publishing and academia live in harmony. They create a wonderful environment for art and culture.


A place for exhibition

The works of the resident artists and the local artists are presented and exhibited daily or are placed in special galleries and show rooms.  There are more than one hundred galleries and exhibit halls.


A place for performance

Around forty performing areas are built for music, plays, dance and Korean folk music each month.


A place for festival

Festivals of art and culture continuously take place in Heyri.  There are lots of pageants and international festivals to season and weekend events which all have a pinch of Heyri.


A place for cultural education

Heyri is known to be a cultural and art school.  These schools are designed to teach creative writing, art, film and drama.  A cyber art school is also being made.  Heyri is a great place for field trips and study tours.


A place for creative discussion

Classes or seminar are made to discuss everything and anything about art and culture.  Heyri is a coveted place for intellectualism by taking a lead in connecting the humanity studies and discourses of art and culture


A place for sales

Heyri is a market place to sell and supply classy artworks and performances to consumers and art-lovers.  You could find precious artifacts for the most reasonable prices.


A place for international art and cultural exchange

Communication is one of the most important things in the world.  Heyri is a window created for the world, conveying art and culture.  It is Heyri’s goal for the world-wide art lovers to flock into the valley and for Korean artists to meet the world counterparts.


A place for artist-in-residence

One of the major roles of Heyri is to be a pleasant residential area for artists and professionals engaged in art or culture where they will be able to concentrate on their work in the nature-friendly space.


Address : 93-120, Heyrimaeul-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Location : Gyeonggi-do > Paju-si


Subway Line 2, Hapjeong Station, Exit #2 → Take Bus #2200 (07:00-23:20, every 15 minutes; It takes 40-50 minutes) and get off at the Heyri stop.
What is Heyri? All artists dream about being in one of the loveliest villages on earth. Hyeri is an exclusive art village that combines culture and a variety of art genres in one large space. A > READ MORE
What is Heyri?

All artists dream about being in one of the loveliest villages on earth.

Hyeri is an exclusive art village that combines culture and a variety of art genres in one large space. At first, the village was named the “book village” because of its connection with Paju Publishing Town in 1997. However during the process of the project many artists from various cultural fields became involved. And the concept of the village was renamed to the “cultural art village.”

Currently there are more than three hundred seventy members of writers, artists, cineastes, architects and musicians. The village has many artistic spaces, houses, work rooms, museums and galleries.
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What are there in Heyri?
There are more than thirty small or medium-sized museums in Hyeri. Some of these museums have international folk instruments, toys, butterflies, magazines, traditional foods, Buddhist art, figure paintings, stamps, films, film posters, etc.

Art galleries
There are six galleries in Heyri: the Gallery Cheongam, Nam-Kyu Lee’s memorial hall the Kwang-Young’s gallery, BaekSoonsil Gallery, Korean ceramics museum and the Vietnam museum. Around thirty galleries are built to show paintings, crafts and ceramics. Heyri is the third-generation town of galleries, following Insa-dong and Chungdam-dong. However, Heyri is different from the two precedents in terms of natural environment and the closeness to artists.

Music halls
There are numerous small concert halls and recital studios for chamber music. There are classical music cafes, jazz cafes, and high standard concerts are held throughout the year. Heyri also has the Korea Music Hall, VR Concert Hall and the Camerata Music Hall.

Memorial Halls
There is a memorial for Han-Sook Jung, the prominent writer, in Heyri.

Drama theaters
Heyri has the Jung-Hee Kim’s Theater and the Oral Narrated Fairy Theater. Performances and plays of the highest quality produced by the top theater people are staged in the theaters.

Cinema house
There are movie studies (Art Service), a cinemtheque, and the international folk film museum in Heyri. Cinema houses of unique themes are built and associated with the film festivals. There are film schools for aspiring and promising film makers, in which adult educational programs for film lovers are also prepared.

Seminar rooms
There are around ten halls that hold seminars on philosophy, history, literature and art regularly or intermittently. Heyri currently has The House on a Lotus, Dostoevskii Institute, the Sijo, Korean ode, Museum.

Guesthouses for native plants
There are more than fifty guesthouses for Heyri members, commissioned artist, art-lovers and foreign visitors.

Art shops, antique shops
Around one hundred art shops and antique shops contain articles of contemporary artists and antiques in stock to sell and exhibit. Some of these shops include the Yu-Sook Park’s Gallery, the KAIS Gallery, Sumi Gallery, the Gallery Focus and Jin Ad, etc.

There around thirty bookstores which specialize in art, architecture, film music, literature and children’s books. There are bookshops both of western and eastern classics and antiques. There are also plans to build a book museum, libraries and elegant book cafes. Heyri is involved with Hangilsa.corp, YoulHwaDang Publisher, and Donghwaanra.

There are one hundred workplaces for painters, craftsmen, sculptors, musicians and filmmakers. Lease studies will be available for young artists.