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Last Modified : Nov 06, 2017

Industry : Education
Job Type : Part-time Career Level : Experienced
Starting Date : Asap
Education : Bachelor's Degree English : Native Level
Location : All Area > All Area

<Winter Camp>


Yangju City , Gyeonggido

Jan 15,2017~Jan 19,2017 / Mon~Fri 9am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6)
*meals, accommodation provided*



Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, Gyeonggido

Jan 2,2017~Jan 6,2017 (Elem Eng-F6)


Jan 9,2017~Jan 13,2017 (Elem Eng-F6)

*meals, accommodation provided*






1.Kimpo, Gyeonggido (김포)

A.Mon~Fri 1:30pm~7pm (Elem Eng-F6,F4)

B.Mon~Fri 10am~7pm (Elem Eng-Kor)




2.Jonggak Stn,Seoul (line 1)(종각역)
Tue,Wed,Fri 7:40am~9am (Conv Eng-F6)



3.Noryangjin Stn,Seoul (line 9)(line 1)(노량진역)

A.Mon,Tue 7:30am~8:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)

B.Mon,Tue,Wed 3:30pm~4:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
C.Tue 2pm~3pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
D.Wed,Thu 7:30am~8:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
E.Wed 8:30am~9:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
F.Thu 8:30am~10am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
G.Mon,Tue 10:30am~11:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
H.Mon,Wed 4:30pm~5:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
I.Wed 2:30pm~3:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)


4.Gangnam Stn,Seoul (line 2)(강남역)

Mon~Fri 1pm~2pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)
Start:ASAP~ 2 Weeks




Nov 9,14,16,2017 / Tue,Thu 4pm~5:30pm (Conv Eng-F4,Kor)


6.New York or Houston

Nov 18,2017~Nov 19,2017 (Interview Position)

Nov 17,2017~Nov 19,2017 (Interview Position)


7.Yangjae Stn, Seoul (line 3)(양재역) or Yangjae Citizens Forest Stn,Seoul (Bundang line)(양재시민의숲역)

Thu,Fri 12pm~1pm (Speaking & Writing-F6,F4,Kor)

Start:Nov 9,2017~



8.Nakseongdae Stn,Seoul (line 2)(낙성대역)
Mon,Wed 12pm~1:30pm (Conv & Writing-F6)

Start:Nov 13,2017~



9.Seongsu Stn,Seoul (line 2)(성수역)

Nov 17,20,21,2017 /9am~6pm (Interview Position-F6,F4)


10. Yongin, Gyeonggido (경기도)

Nov 21,2017~Nov 24,2017 / Nov 21/10am~8pm & Nov 22 & Nov 23 / 9am~8pm & Nov 24 / 9am~12pm(Biz Eng-F6)

*accommodation, meals provided*



11.Samseong Stn,Seoul (line 2)(삼성역)

Mon~Fri 9am~6pm (Conv Eng-F6)
Start:May 1,2018~June 30,2018*



12.Government Complex, Daejeon (정부청사역/대전)
Tue,Thu 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)



13.Jongro 5 Ga Stn,Seoul (line 1 & 3 & 5)

Mon,Wed 2:15pm~3:15pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)



14.Keimyung University Stn,Daegu (계명대학교역)

A.Tue,Thu,Fri 4:40pm~5:40pm (Conv Eng-F6)

B.Mon,Wed,Fri 4:40pm~5:40pm (Conv Eng-F6)

Start:Nov 7,2017~



15.Anseong, Gyeonggido (경기도 안성)
Mon,Tue,Wed 7:30am~8:30am (Conv Eng-F6,Kor)

Start:Nov 1,2017~

*transportation fee provided*



16.Express Bus Terminal Stn,Seoul (line 3 & 7 & 9) (고속터미널역)
Tue,Wed,Thu 7:10am~8:10am (Conv Eng-F6)

Start:Oct or Nov,2017~



17.Uljin, Gyeongsangbukdo (울진/경상북도)

Mon~Fri 10am~7pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F4)

Start:ASAP~ April,2017

*housing allowance provided*



18.Gwangmyeung, Gyeonggido (경기도 광명)

Fri 11:30am~1pm (Conv Eng-F6)


*transportation fee provided*



19.Eumseong, Chungcheongbukdo

Tue.Wed,Thu 6:10pm~7:10pm (Conv Eng-F6)

Start:Oct 17,2017~Dec 15,2017



20.Boryeung, Chungnam (보령/충남)

Mon~Fri 11:30am~12:25pm (Conv Eng-F6,F4,Kor)

Start:ASAP~ 12 weeks

*transportation fee provided*



21.Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbukdo 경주/경북

Mon~Fri 9am~6pm (1:1 Conv  Eng-F6,F4)

Start:Sept 18,2017~Feb 18,2018


22.Gwangju, Gyeonggido (경기도 광주)

Mon,Wed,Fri 7:30am~8:30am (Conv Eng-F4,Kor)




23.Jincheon, Chungcheongbukdo (진천/충청북도)

Tue.Thu 5pm~6pm (Conv Eng-F6)



24.Daejeon, (대전)

Tue.Thu 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F4)





25.Daehwa Stn,Seoul (line 3)(대화역)

Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun 4pm~6pm (Elem Eng-F6)
Start:Sept 1,2017~6 months



26.Hwaseong, Gyeonggido

Tue 2pm~3pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6)

Start:ASAP~ Dec,2017

*transportation fee provided*


If qualified & interested in any of these positions, please email Stacey at sostacey@ybmsisa.com with the following:

1. Recent Resume (.doc, .pdf,)

2. Recent Photo (.jpg)

3. VISA Status in Korea & Citizenship

4. Current Location w/area of preference

5. Phone Number w/best time to contact

6. Indicate interested position in subject line (ex. Place/Days)

7. All potential candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an accredited four-year university 


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Company Type : Education Institute

Contact Person : Stacey Lee

Phone : 02 2009 0515

Email : sostacey@ybmsisa.com

About Company :

YBM B2B is an Outsourcing Division of YBM NET.
YBM B2B is an Outsourcing Division of YBM NET.

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