The Great Taekwondo

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Period :   Feb 15, 2016 ~ Dec 31, 2016


Kukkiwon and Gangnam gu is performing Kukkiwon’s Taekwondo demonstration performance for the visitors of Kukkiwon.This 1 hour performance expresses the integration of art and Taekwondo. The performance has become one of the famous contents visitors come to watch. Kukkiwon will continue to develop experience-tour programs of Taekwondo. Kukkiwon hopes tourists around the world would never forget the wonderful experience of that tourists would have a wonderful memory of Korea.


About Taekwondo

Taekwondo, the most recognized form of Korean martial arts, is a sport that emphasizes a sense of morality, humility, and a respect for one's opponent. It has become a globally-recognized sport through which practitioners can improve both their physical ability and mental strength. This martial art teaches both defensive and offensive techniques without using weapons. However, taekwondo puts more emphasis on defense because of the taekwondo spirit of respecting peace and justice.


About Gukkiwon Demonstration Team

Kukkiwon Taekwondo demonstration team has performed 120 countries as a delegacy since 1974. Kukkiwon goes through rigorous evaluation to select 90 talented Taekwondo arts members. They respect the authenticity as well as creating new vision for the future. Kukkiwon demonstration team performs regularly which contributes to Korean tourist industry. Kukkiwon, as an origin of Taekwondo in Korea, strives to create new cultural values through Taekwondo



1. Taekwondo Performance

Gukkiwon's elite Taekwondo Demonstration Team will display magnificent techniques of taekwondo. Seemingly impossible move will be made to for you to be astounded and to feel the power of taekwondo.

Real Taekwondo Meeting real taekwondo
Showing the spirit and techniques of Taekwondo
legend of Taekwondo Chaos of the Taekwondo world
Spectacle and dynamic show of the chaos situation
Harmony of Taekwondo Becoming one with Taekwondo
Finally becoming one world with Kukkiwon Taekwondo
Taekwondo breaks experiment & photo time Enjoying Taekwondo
10 people sudden taekwondo experience, photo time with performance team

2. Taekwondo Experience

Taekwondo Experience Programme which contains the spirit and culture of Korea has been provided to tourists in Seoul by Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarter. In order to enhance the Republic of Korea as the country which taekwondo has originated, taekwondo will be utilized as the representative of cultural product with the Kukkiwon regular performance.


Introduction 10 minutes Introduction of Kukkiwon and Gangnam-gu  
Section 1 45minutes Warming-up Stretching
Section 2 Basic movement of taekwondo
Section 3 Basic taekwondo kicks
Section 4 10minutes Breaking experience
Awarding 10minutes Certificate Awarding



1. Taekwondo Performance

THURSDAY & FRIDAY - 20:00 ~ 21:00

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - 16:30 ~ 17:30

2. Taekwondo Experience

MONDAY ~ FRIDAY - 17:00 ~ 18:00




1. Taekwondo Performance (CLICK)

2. Taekwondo Experience (CLICK)

*note (For Taekwondo Experience)

- Only 50 people per session

- If less than 3 person resgistered, the program would not be held

- Your reservation is possible up to 48 hours prior to the session you would like to participate in. Otherwise, please contact us by phone or email



Mobile: +82 (0)10-9010-5563     Performance Inquiry: 02)3469-0133


The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
The Great Taekwondo
Road View Location

Address : Taehaeran ro 7 32

Location : Seoul-si > Gangnam-gu


Get off at Subway Yeoksam station (Line 2)

Use the Exit 4

Walk straight for 233m

Turn right at the post office and go for 315m

Turn left and walk until the Vaisenville apartment.

Turn left at Vaisenville apartment's front

Walk 98m
The Organizing Committee of The World Taekwondo Culture Expo. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo was developed during the 1940s and 1950s by various Korean martial artists. The oldest >> Read more
The Organizing Committee of The World Taekwondo Culture Expo.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo was developed during the 1940s and 1950s by various Korean martial artists.

The oldest governing body for taekwondo is the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), formed in 1959 by a collaborative effort by representatives from the nine original kwans, or martial arts schools, in Korea. The main international organizational bodies for taekwondo today are the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), founded by General Choi Hong Hi in 1966, and the partnership of the Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), founded in 1972 and 1973 respectively by the Korea Taekwondo Association.

Gyeorugi, a type of full-contact sparring, has been an Olympic event since 1992.
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How to Particpate
[How to apply]
- Application period: May 2-30, 2016
- Application fee: $350 per person
- First 700 applicants - accommodations at Taekwondowon
- Next 700 applicants - accomodations at pensions or condominium

- Registration: Through email, fax, or posted mail (The World Taekwondo Culture EXPO Organizing Committee / 4F 405, Jeollabuk-do Sports Council, Deulsapyeongro 62. Deokjin-gu, Jeonju City, Jeollabuk-do, Korea (Zip code: 561-810)
- Inquiry: +82-63-250-8350 / Fax: +82-63-278-7024 / Email:
- Accommodations: Planned to offer Taekwondowon, resort, motel and pension
- Included: Accommodations, meal, transport vehicle, gift, participation certificate, Muju tour, etc.

* Detailed information is available on the website.