New British Inventors Inside Heatherwick Studio

Category : Arts/Performances
Period :   Jun 16, 2016 ~ Oct 23, 2016




Korea’s first exhibition dedicated to globally-renowned, 
revolutionary design practice Heatherwick Studio



D Museum presents, an exploration of the work of internationally acclaimed Heatherwick Studio. Appearing or the first time in Korea, the exhibition will run from June 16 to October 23. Since 1994, Thomas Heatherwick has led Heatherwick Studio, now comprising 180 architects and designers and noted for its innovative projects, brought to fruition through an integrated approach that draws on a broad range of fields ranging from furniture and product design to urban planning. This exhibition traces the evolution of Heatherwick Studio, as their flexible thinking transcends aesthetics and function, leading to designs that resonate strongly with their users and create new value by encompassing everything from the smallest detail to the largest structure and from single feelings to multiple sensations. The exhibition is divided into three sections, which explore the processes that Heatherwick Studio applies to all its projects: Thinking introduces the studio's unique thought processes, identifying core concepts through exhaustive questioning and critique; making demonstrates how they experiment with materials and processes to transform ideas into reality; and storytelling shows how the studio aims to imbed an idea in a form, leaving a powerful impression upon users. Meanwhile, this Seoul exhibition brings the exclusive debut of 'Spun-Hula!' (2016), an artistic installation commissioned by D Museum that reinvents a previous design concept from Heatherwick Studio, 'Spun'(2008), using new technology. Introducing Thomas Heatherwick, his studio and the endlessly broadening possibilities they present with their ever-changing ideas and revolutionary problem-solving, offers viewers an exceptional opportunity to experience the creativity and integrated thinking demanded by society today.



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View Point


1. Thinking

The exhibition begins by introducing the unique ways of thinking at work in Heatherwick Studio. The design process is opened up to gather critical opinions from both members of the studio and experts in a variety of fields. Exhaustive interrogation, analysis and re-analysis are repeatedly applied to all aspects of the process, producing precise definitions of all issues involved and leading to the production of a core concept.



2. Making

This section explores Heatherwick Studio's strong connection to the act of making which generates a unique design process in which diverse experiments with materials are used as a way to discover new values and ideas, and further developed into creative forms.


3. Storytelling

Heatherwick Studio's works incorporate more than simple functionality. Through each project, the studio strives to make something extraordinary, using distinctive methods of communication and creating unique stories and thereby producing emotions such as surprise, pleasure and joy in those that encounter them.


4. Spun – Hula! Installation, 2016

Commissioned by D Museum, this experimental art installation presents Heatherwick Studio’s new Spun: Auto (2016) chairs. ‘Spun - Hula!’ features an unseen mechanism and a light-activated sensor that enables it to start up and spin automatically. The installation is formed of chairs dancing around the room with each Spun: Auto responding to small differences in the environment which help to give each chair its own personality.






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