Photographers @ Mud Festival (Ticket Giveaway)

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Period :   Jul 17, 2015 ~ Jul 26, 2015

EVENT #1 Photography Program

“Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times… I just shoot at what interests me at the moment.” – Elliott Erwitt


Are you an aspiring photographer and/or a photography enthusiast?

Let’s take your photography skills to the next level!
The Mud Festival Photography Event is your chance to shine!


Join us with other photographers at the Boryeong Mud Festival.

Boryeong Mud Festival is Korea’s equivalent of Brazil’s Rio Carnival or Germany’s Oktoberfest. More than 200 worldwide news and magazine agencies set their eyes and ears on the festival each year. To name a few, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, and Reuter are always on the lookout for great photographic Journalists (for more Media Press). For this reason, opportunist photographers flock to Boryeong Mud Festival seeking a chance to enhance their career.


With our photography program, your photos will be specially posted on the Official Boryeong home page, Facebook and Instagram. This is your chance for your photos to be recognized to a wider audience and top international presses. The photography event will be a great chance for your career/hobby.


Event Deadlines



Register photos


07.17 ~ 07.29



For previous Boryeong Mud Festival photos click here.

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To apply and recieve more information send an email to



Event #2: Ticket Giveaway


WorknPlay Ticket Giveaway


Boryeong Mud Festival entrance tickets, for 7.18~ 7.19 (Sat, Sun) , will be provided for 10-20 people.


If needed, hotel will be booked for you. Food and Transportation information provided.

To apply, please email us at

Chungcheongnam-do > Boryeong-si
The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival whick takes places during the hot Korea summer in Boryeong, a town around 200 km south of Seoul, Korea. The first Mud Festival was held in 1998 and >> Read more
The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival whick takes places during the hot Korea summer in Boryeong, a town around 200 km south of Seoul, Korea.

The first Mud Festival was held in 1998 and by 2007, the festival attracted more than 2 millions visitors to Boryeong.

The mud is carefully taken from the Boryeong mud flats, and trucked to the Daecheon beach area where it is used as the centerpiece fo the 'Mud Experience Land'.

The festival takes place over two weeks but its most famous for its final weekend. >> Less more
Featured Events
Giant Mud Bath
Take a huge mud bath. You can relax and wash your body with the mud or get rowdy and wrestle with your family and friends.

Kids Mud-Land
The kids mud land is for only children ages 6-12. It is an interesting and safe space for kids.

Mud Prison
Be locked in a prison with the attendees and have mud thrown at you from the spectators.

Color/Mud Body Paint
Professional painters will use colorful mud to design cool and new things onto your body.

Mud Couple Head Slide
Line up with your friend or loved on and glide through the mud slide. The person who slides the farthest is the winner.

Mud Fountain
Almost set up at a tiny pool with a huge fountain to spray mud on to you.

Mud Pool Super Slide
One of the biggest features at the festival is the Mud Super Slide. Slide down this huge slide.

Mud Obstacle Course
Pass through barrels and tower-shaped obstacles and navigate yourself through the maze.

Mud Love Love
Similar to tug-of-war, one person is tied to the waist in the middle and the team who pulls the person to their side wins.

Mud Mob Scene
Along with club music played by professional DJs, the Mud Mob Scene is to enjoy music and dance in a mosh pit full of mob.

Mud Self Massage Experience
The Mud Self Massage Experience is offered to attendees who looking to use paint brushes to scrub on paint.

Mud Football Champions
A friendly 5-on-5 football tournament along the beach of Daecheon.

Mudflat Obstacle Marathon
Participate in the Mudflat Obstacle Marathon, it is a short 3km marathon.
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