Lee Eun Gyeol <THE ILLUSION>

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Period :   Mar 04, 2017 ~ May 06, 2017


THE ILLUSION is a large-scale performance that brings out all of Korea’s national magician Lee Eungyeol’s 20 years of experience. Not only did it achieve 1st place in ticketing as soon as it opened up for its very first running all thanks to the expectations and love from the public but he also received numerous standing ovations as well as positive reviews from the media thus recording a revolutionary success. Its contents and the scale of the performance have already exceeded domestic standards and reached the international level for it is not just simply a ‘magic show’ for the sole purpose of entertainment and being amazed at magic but an artwork that contains its own theme making it difficult to find elsewhere in the world.

This project had Don Wayne, who is a show-magic designer and producer for famous pop stars such as David Copperfield, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and more, participate in this project as the art director as well as collaboration with global artists, magicians, and artisans allowing it to make various imagination into reality thus creating an entirely new fantasy that cannot be found anywhere else and moves the hearts of the audience.


THE ILLUSION is divided into part 1 and part 2 and progresses in a dialectical composition conveying the theme ‘Return to purity.’ Part 1 showcases variety of stage production and dynamic performances where the audience will experience world’s top class Lee Eungyeol’s unique entertaining stage while part 2 opens up a deeply moving performance that brings out the audiences’ imagination with its creative fantasy play stimulating emotions.

The humanism melted on the ‘Tree of imagination’ concept which stands at the center of Lee Eungyeol’s original ending as well as the entire performance is an image unique to only and nowhere else.

<2017 THE ILLUSION> suggests a new paradigm that could not be seen in previous musicals, concerts, and even magic shows and it is a work where you can feel popularity and artistry at the same time through ‘illusion’, the extended notion of ‘magic.’



1. Age restriction

* Only those born in 2012 and below can watch the performance.


2. During the performance

* Taking pictures, recording and video taping without prior notice is not allowed.

* You must be in the venue 10 minutes before the show.

* Entry when the show is ongoing is restricted.

- Audiences may enter 20 minutes after Part 1 begins with the help of the staff. However, you cannot go to your designated seat.

- During the intermission after Part 1, you may move to your designated seat.

** Those who come 20 minutes after the show starts may enter guided by the staff provided that they do not disturb the other audiences. However, they cannot enter when the magic is ongoing/ during a quiet scene.


3. Retrieving tickets

* You may receive your reserved tickets or buy tickets at the venue 1 hour and 30 minutes before the show starts.

* Bring a valid ID or reservation number to receive your ticket.

* Lost tickets will not be compensated or replaced.




1. Date: 2017.03.04 ~ 2017.04.02.

2. Time: 8pm

3. Location: Chungmu Arts Center

              387, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

4. Transportation:


    ◎ Blue (main) bus

        142, 147, 263, 302, 371 Go down at Shindang-dong intersection/ sageori (Jungbu Fire Station)

    ◎ Green (local) bus

        1017, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2233, 0211 Go down at Shindang-dong intersection/ sageori (Jungbu Fire Station)

    ◎ Red (express) bus

        9403 Go down at Chungmu Art Hall (Jungbu Fire Station)


        ◎ Line 6 Shindang station Exit 9 → 50m towards Dongdaemun History and Culture Park

        ◎ Line 2 Shindang station Exit 1 → 150m towards Dongdaemun History and Culture Park

        ◎ Line 2/4/5 Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station Exit 2 → 300m to Shindang station intersection



▶Parking Lot

Use parking lot in the Art Hall (Basement 3,4) – 3,000won for 4 hours

※We highly recommend public transportation because you may be late for the show due to the traffic, delay in parking or because of a full parking lot.

5. Tickets: http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=17000033#TabTop

6. Price rate:

    VIP package seat 130,000 won

    VIP seat 100,000 won

    R seat 80,000 won

    S seat 60,000 won

    A seat 30,000 won

* Front rows on the first floor are recommended for those who would like to enjoy the stage up close instead of seeing it in full. Some parts of the stage may be hidden due to the height of the stage.

* First rows of 2nd and 3rd floors have handrails installed for safety. Please keep in mind that these may block the view on some parts of the stage.

7. Discounts:

    Family (3-4 members): 30% off for R & VIP seats

                                      Bring documents to prove family relations.

    Students (elementary, middle, high school): 30% off (excluding VIP package seat)

                                                                    Bring school ID

    Disabled: 50% off together with 1 company (excluding VIP package seat)

               Bring your social welfare card

               For those in wheelchairs, reserve through phone (1544-1555)

    Rewatch: 30% off with 1 company (all seats)

                   For those who have the ticket of Lee Eungyeol’s previous performance




1. Date: 2017.04.14 ~ 2017.04.16.

2. Time: April 14: 8pm

             April 15: 3pm


             April 16: 2pm

3. Location: Soyang Theatre Shinhancard Hall

                  55, Centum jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

4. Transportation:

    Subway: Line 2 Senteom City Station Exit 6, walk for 5 minutes

    Bus: 5-1, 31, 39, 40, 63, 100, 100-1, 115, 115-1, 139, 141, 155, 181, 200, 307, 1001, 1002 

            (go down at BEXCO, Homeplus, Senteom Sensiville, SK Telecom, Donghae seon BEXCO station)



5. Parking lot: Please use the path between Soyang Theatre Shinhancard Hall and Dio Implant

                     Time limit: 1hr and 30 mins before the show~ 30 mins after the show has ended

                      Fee: 2000won

                      Ticket: Parking ticket stall at the lobby of the venue

6. Tickets: http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=17000846#TabTop

    ** Tickets will only be given 2 hours before the show until 30 minutes after the show.

7. Price rate:

    R seat 77,000 won

    S seat 66,000 won

    *OP seat has no upper steps and because it’s quite near the stage you may have a difficult time watching.

8. Discounts:

Internet or phone reservation

Friends: 10%~20% off

             Discount for groups with more than 4 members

             No partial cancellation after reservation

For phone reservations (1566-5490):

Social network friends: 10~20% off

                    World show market's s SNS (FB, Twitter, Instagram) friends discount

                    Must prove that you are friends through the World show market's social network page when receiving ticket

Rewatch: 20% off

               Must bring the ticket from Lee Eun Gyeol’s previous performance

Student: 30% off (elementary, middle, high, college)

              Bring school ID

Disabled: 30% off

               Bring social welfare card.

Companies or by groups: contact us




1. Date: 2017.05.03 ~ 2017.05.06

2. Time: May 3: 6pm

             May 4: 7:30pm

             May 5-6: 2pm


3. Location: Chungnam University Jeongshimhwa International Cultural Center

                   99, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon



4. Transportation:


    Daejeon Station

     Yuseong hot spring (oncheon) station Exit 7 -> take bus# 48 (Chungnamde sanhakyeon → Library → Nongdae). For 105, 102, 101, go down at Chungnamde bus stop

     Seo Daejeon Station

     Take the subway at Seo Daejeon negeori Station (10 mins on foot) -> Yuseong hot spring (oncheon) station Exit 7 -> take bus# 48 (Chungnamde sanhakyeon → Library → Nongdae). For 105, 102, 101, go down at Chungnamde bus stop

5. Tickets: http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=17000398

6. Price rate:

    VIP seat 77,000 won

     R seat 66,000 won

     S seat 44,000 won






Lee Eun Gyeol <THE ILLUSION>
Lee Eun Gyeol <THE ILLUSION>
Lee Eun Gyeol <THE ILLUSION>
Lee Eun Gyeol <THE ILLUSION>
Lee Eun Gyeol <THE ILLUSION>
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Lee Eun Gyeol Project started off as a magic performance specialized agency in 2009 and has been operating mainly on various magic shows and broadcasting activities. With the purpose to lead the >> Read more
Lee Eun Gyeol Project started off as a magic performance specialized agency in 2009 and has been operating mainly on various magic shows and broadcasting activities.

With the purpose to lead the magic industry in Korea and to open various cultural arts, it had opened a new horizon to magic shows through Asia's biggest magic show <THE ILLUSION>, original creative performance <Escape> and has been acknowledged for its skills as a magic director through musicals <200 pounds beauty>, <Carmen>, <Wedding>, and magic performances such as <Escape>.

Aside from these, it continuously strives for the various possibilities of magic and the creation of new genre through collaborations with artists in other fields like media artist Jeon Yeon Du, photographer Kim Jung Man and Lee Dong Wook.

Lee Eun Gyeol project is Korea's best systemized professional magic company with experts with long years of experience and know-how and aims to become not only the best in Korea's magic industry but the best in Asia through new attempts and challenges. >> Less more
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