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Nov 08, 2011

While Korea may not be a first thought destination for MBA programs, several Korean universities are beginning to grow in global recognition. Many Korean universities are now offering their MBA programs in English and are providing financial incentives for foreigners to come and study in the land of soju, PSY, and kimchi. Today, nine Korean schools are accredited by the US-based AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). The AACSB evaluates universities based on their educational standards, local accreditations, and faculty qualifications, among other standards. Eight out of these nine schools provide programs with 30-100% of their course offerings in English. Included in the following list is each school’s overall international rank, based on the 2012 QS World University rankings.


What Makes a Korean MBA Different?

Most Korean MBAs are intensive, 12 to 16 month-long programs designed to help students network among themselves (as most programs are made up of 30-50% international students) as well as with Korean contacts. Many provide the opportunity to gain credit for internships completed in Korea or abroad. As well, most schools offer “dual degree” programs, where students can complete half of their degree in Korea and the other half abroad (usually in the United States). Other initiatives (such as the hiring of foreign scholars as faculty members and providing significant financial aid and scholarships to foreign students) are helping to globalize many Korean MBA programs, as they vie for top positions on international university ranking scales.


Ewha Womans University / 이화여자대학교

International Rank: #341

Nickname: E-Dae/이대


The School

Ewha Womans University is Korea’s top women’s-only school, and is the largest women’s university in the world. However, male international students are permitted to attend. Located in Sinchon near Yonsei, Sogang and Hongik Universities, Ewha is within a short distance to some of the best restaurants, shops, and clubs in the city.


The MBA program

Ewha offers two MBA options: their Global MBA, catered mostly to working professionals wishing to gain new skills, and their Frontier MBA, an evening program meant to be taken in conjunction with the students’ current career.


Program Outline: The Global MBA

  1. Annual Tuition: 22,000,000 KRW (20,000 USD)
  2. Length: 45 credits over 18 months
  3. Course Focus: Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing or Operations Management. Students can also take a specialized women’s leadership course.
  4. Internships and Co-Ops: Students can complete internships in Korea or go abroad to the Washington Center in the US to seek foreign internship opportunities. Past placements have included the US Environmental Protection Agency, LG Innotek, Standard Chartered, and Daewoong.
  5. International Opportunities: Students can go abroad to schools in France, the US, or the UK to complete a dual degree. Exchange trips are also available to destinations including Kazakhstan, Denmark, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada.


Ewha MBA Inquires

Graduate School of Business, Ewha Womans University

  1. Phone: +82 2-3277-3585
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Korea Institute of Science and Technology / 카이스트

International Rank: #63

Nickname: KAIST


The School

One of Korea’s leading universities, KAIST is known for its strength in the technical academic areas. KAIST is also recognized around the world for its strengths in scientific research. KAIST’s main campuses are located outside of Seoul, in Daejeon, a city in central Korea. 


The MBA Program

KAIST offers five MBA programs: the Techno-MBA, the Finance MBA, the Info and Media MBA, the IMBA (focusing on: “innovation, ingenuity, inspiration, integrity and internationalization”), and Social Entrepreneurship MBA. The Techno MBA is the oldest MBA program in Korea, founded in 1995. International students are limited to the Techno MBA’s Global concentration area, which is 100% in English.


Program Outline: The Techno MBA with a Global concentration (Global MBA)

  1. Annual Tuition: 24,000,000 KRW (26,000 USD)
  2. Length: 54 credits over two years
  3. International Opportunities: Students can participate in KAIST’s exchange program featuring 45 different partner universities.


KAIST MBA Inquires


  1. Phone: 82-2-958-3668
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Korea University / 고려대학교

International Rank: #137

Nickname: KU or Go-Dae/고대


The school

Korea University is well-known throughout Korea for its Business school (KUBS: Korea University Business School). It is extremely selective, only accepting about 6% of applicants into its various programs. KU is also known for its historic rivalry with Yonsei; the two are generally regarded as the top two private universities in Korea.


The MBA Program

KU has the top business school and largest full-time international faculty in Korea. It was the first Korean university to receive AACSB accreditation, which certifies institutions based on their local accreditations, international recognition, educational standards, and other factors. KUBS offers five MBA programs: the Korea MBA, the Executive MBA, the Finance MBA, the Global MBA, and the S3 Asia MBA. The Global MBA is very competitive, accepting only 40 Korean students and 20 international students. All courses are taught in English.


A program unique to KU is the S3 Asia MBA. The S3 Asia MBA is a dual-degree program, with each of its three semesters taking place in a different city: Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore (the “S” in S3 stands for the first initial of each of the cities). At the end of the program, students receive a degree from KU plus one additional degree from their choice of Fudan University or the National University of Singapore.


Program Outline: the Global MBA and the S3 Asia MBA

  1. Annual Tuition: 45,160,000 KRW (42,450 USD)
  2. Length:
    • Global MBA: 48 credits over a one-year intensive program.
    • S3 Asia MBA: Three four-month semesters with a two-month break and one-month break after the first and second semesters, respectively.
  3. Course Focus:
    • Global MBA: students can specialize in Marketing, Finance or Business Strategy.
    • S3 Asia MBA: students do not have the opportunity to specialize in a certain field.
  4. Internships and Co-Ops: Global Internship program is available for business students. Past placements include: OECD and Goldman Sachs. A two-month international internship program for Finance MBA students also available.
  5. International Opportunities: Students can choose from partner schools in 22 different countries. S3 Asia MBA students spend their first semester at Fudan University (Shanghai), their second semester at Korea University, and third semester at the National University of Singapore.  


KUBS MBA Inquires

Global MBA Admissions

  1. Phone: 82-2-3290-1366
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Sejong University / 세종대학교

International Rank: doesn’t place within top 600


The School

Sejong University is located in the Northeastern Area of Seoul. Founded in 1940, today Sejong is known for its strengths in the areas of rhythmic gymnastics, animation and hotel management. Outside of those areas, Sejong does not appear to be one of Korea’s best overall schools. In 2012, it scored 40th on the JoongAng Daily’s Korean university ranking list.


The MBA program

Sejong has five different MBA programs: the Accounting Finance MBA (AFMBA), the Franchise MBA (the only MBA of its kind in Korea), the Online Shopping MBA, the Sejong-Syracuse MBA (joint program with Syracuse School of Management in the US-SSMBA) and the general MBA program. All of these courses, with the exception of the SSMBA and AFMBA, are taught in Korean-only.


Program Outline: The SSMBA (100% of courses taught in English) and the AFMBA (70%+ of courses taught in English)

  1. Annual Tuition: 10,340,000 to 15,000,000 KRW (9,720 to 14,500 USD)
  2. Length: Four semesters over a two-year period.
  3. Course Focus: AFMBA students must focus in Finance or Accounting; SSMBA students do not need to choose a focus area.
  4. International Opportunities: Students can gain a certificate of completion from Syracuse University through the SSMBA program.


Sejong MBA Inquires

Sejong University Graduate School of Business

  1. Phone: 82-2-3408-3046
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Seoul National University / 울대학교

International Rank: #37

Nickname: SNU


The School

SNU is viewed as the top overall school in Korea. It’s known mostly for its strengths in the fields of science, business, and politics. SNU is located in south-eastern Seoul, at the foot of the famous Gwanak Mountain. Housing at SNU is affordable, with monthly rent being only 200 USD for the on-campus graduate student dormitory.


The MBA Program

SNU offers three different MBA programs: the SNU MBA, which focuses on practical knowledge and prepares graduates for the Korean market; the Executive MBA, which prepares students for managerial roles; and the Global MBA, which focuses on global leadership skills and is taught fully in English.


Program Outline: the Global MBA

  1. Annual Tuition: 77,578,000 KRW (73,000 USD)
  2. Length: Global MBA: 49 credits over 16-month period (equivalent to a one-year MBA program in the US).
  3. Course Focus: Students do not have the opportunity to specialize in a certain field.
  4. Internships and Co-Ops: Global Internship Program offered during the summer vacation for academic credit. Past placements have included: LG Display (China, Poland), Hyundai Motors (China, India, Spain), and Korean Air (China, Japan).
  5. International Opportunities: Dual degree options with Duke University (US), ESSEC Business School (France) and Peking University (China).


SNU MBA Inquires

Seoul National University Global MBA Program

  1. Phone: +82-2-880-1334
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Sogang University / 서강대학교

International Rank: #391


The School

Sogang is a Catholic university in western-central Seoul, near the popular Hongdae and Sinchon student areas. Sogang offers international students free Korean language classes, as well as a “supporter system”, which matches new students with Korean and international supporters to aid with the housing search, cultural adjustment, and academics.


The MBA program

Sogang offers four different MBA options: the full-time MBA (SIMBA), the part-time MBA (Pro-MBA), the Executive MBA (SEMBA), and the Consulting MBA (CoMBA). All are taught in Korean, with the exception of the SIMBA program, where all courses are in English-only.


Program Outline: the Full-time MBA (SIMBA)

  1. Annual Tuition: 9,000,000 KRW (8,500,000 USD)
  2. Length: 45 credits over two years.
  3. Course Focus: Management and Finance.
  4. Internships and Co-Ops: SIMBA Students are required to complete an internship in exchange for three credits.
  5. International Opportunities: Sogang has partner school agreements with 237 universities in 55 countries.


Sogang MBA Inquires

MBA International Affairs Office

  1. Phone: 82-2-705-4715
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Sungkyunkwan University / 성균관대학교

International Rank: #179

Nickname: SKKU or Seong-Dae/성대


The School

Sungkyunkwan is one of Korea’s oldest schools. With its humanities and social science campus located in Hyewha, in Seoul’s central Jongno district, and its natural sciences campus located in Suwon (a city just outside of Seoul), Sungkyunkwan has come a long way since its days in the 14th century, when it first operated as a school for Confucian thought. Nowadays, SKKU is growing in its reputation as a top school, especially since its recent sponsorship by Samsung


The MBA program

SKKU’s Global MBA program was ranked 10th in Asia and 66thin the world by the 2012 Financial Times Global MBA rankings. It also scored 11th in the “Career Development and International Experience” section, beating out Stanford and Harvard. Around one third of the Global MBA students are international students.


Program Outline: Global MBA

  1. Annual Tuition: 26,000,000 KRW (24,450 USD)
  2. Length: 48 credits over 16 months
  3. Course Focus: Marketing, Finance or General Management (students must take 15+ elective credits in their selected field of specialization).
  4. Internships and Co-Op: SKKU organizes internship placements for Global MBA students at several high-ranking companies.
  5. International Opportunities: Dual-degree option with MIT Sloan and Indiana Univ. Kelley School. Exchange programs available with several Ivy League universities, including: MIT, Dartmouth, and Columbia.


Sungkyunkwan MBA Inquires

MBA International Affairs Office

  1. Phone: +82 2-740-1520; 1504~6
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website


Yonsei University / 연세대학교

International Rank: #112

Nickname: Yon-Dae/연대


The School

Yonsei is the oldest private university in Korea. Its famous long-lived rivalry with Korea University is known throughout the country. Yonsei is located near three other universities, Edae University, Hongik University and Sogang University, in Seoul’s most popular college area, Shinchon and Hongdae. Yonsei’s campus experience offers a good balance of nightlife and nature. Recently CNN described Yonsei as having “one of the most beautiful campuses in the world”.


The MBA Program

Yonsei offers four different MBA programs: the Global MBA, the Corporate MBA, the Finance MBA, and the Executive MBA. Yonsei’s MBA programs have an “Asian focus”, catering to students who want to specialize in Northeast Asian business. All of the Global MBA’s classes are taught in English.


Program Outline: Global MBA

  1. Annual Tuition: 50,000,000KRW (44,000 USD)
  2. Length: 51 credits over16.5 months
  3. Course Focus: Northeast Asian business (courses include: Doing Business in China, the Digital Revolution in Korea, Strategic Negotiations in Asia)
  4. Internships and Co-Ops: Yonsei’s Career Development Center provides coaching and internship postings to MBA students. The CDC maintains contact with over 200 Korean firms to match MBA students with employment opportunities after graduation.
  5. International Opportunities: Students can study abroad as exchange students on four different continents. A dual degree program is available with the University of Washington (US) and Peking University (China).


Yonsei MBA Inquires

Ms. Amber EunjungLee, Global MBA Supervisor

  1. Phone: 82-2-2123-3254
  2. Email:
  3. MBA Website
  4. Main Website




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