Plus-Sized Clothing in Seoul

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Nov 28, 2014

Plus-Sized Clothing in Seoul


There are a few shops in Seoul that cater specifically for plus-sized patrons. The main foreigner neighborhood in Seoul, Itaewon, is chalk full of ‘Big and Tall’ and ‘Plus Sized’ clothing shops. Foreigner brand names in Myeongdong, Seoul also carry extra-large and up to a size 12 for women. Although larger sizes are hard to find in Korean shops or markets, there are definitely other options available!


Places to Buy



Itaewon is easily the best place in Korea to buy plus-sized clothing. Just a short walk along the main drag, and you’ll be bombarded with shops advertising “BIG SIZES” on the windows. Some will even custom-make clothing articles, like suits or shoes, for foreigner sizes. However, for those who don’t have that kind of dough, shopping off the rack it is!


  1. OK BT: Walk straight out of Itaewon Station Exit 1, away from the Hamilton Hotel.  OK Big & Tall (OK BT) is located inside the New Plaza building, and carries stylish clothes for US size 10-20 women.
  2. Itaewon Mall: Men’s clothing only. Leave Noksapyeong Subway Exit 3, walk straight until you pass the Skinfood shop. Itaewon Mall is located in the same little bright orange building as Golmok café. They also have an online store.



Dongdaemun, for those who can fit into Korean sizes, is a shop-a-holic’s heaven. Like the nearby Myeongdong shopping district, this area is crawling with Chinese and Japanese tourists wanting to snag fashionable K-Style clothes for a cheap deal. While it’s unlikely that anyone over a US size 10 or 12 will be able to find clothes in the many malls that fill Dongdaemun, there are two places where you can pick up plus size fashions:

  • Doota Plus Zone and Gwanghee Market: Doota Plus Zone is located on the basement level directly below the first level of Doota shopping center. It takes up a corner of the basement floor and there are several stalls with plus size clothing. Gwanghee Market is located across from Doota. While you won’t get the same level of selection as in Itaewon, Dongdaemun may offer cheaper buys, since most of the merchants here supply their goods wholesale.


Want to try your luck in some other Seoul shopping districts? Visit WorknPlay’s article on Shopping Areas in Seoul for more information.



If you don’t have any luck in the stores, try shopping online on some of these websites.


Remember: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try ordering from foreign shops online. The Korean Post is efficient and it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to have something shipped from overseas. Check out the Korean Customs Regulations article to see the regulations on duty in Korea.


  • G-Market: The “Plus Size & Senior” section of G-Market (think “Korean eBay” or “Korean Amazon”) has clothing options for both men and women. The best part about G-Market is that it’s cheap! Most merchants will also ship to your place in Korea, and also have good return policies. G-Market can be used in English or Korean.
  • 11st: Similar to G-Market, 11st is a large online shopping mall, offering everything from electronics to home supplies and snack foods. It features several clothing sections (from “Military Look” to “Party Apparel”), where some online shops sell stylish garments up to size XXL. Some vendors even offer free shipping within Korea. 11st also has an English option, so you don’t have to try navigating the website in Korean. To access the plus size section, click “Clothing Intimates” on the home page, followed by “Special Size Clothing”.
  • I’m Fat: Well, if you’ve been in Korea for a while, you’ve probably noticed how open people are about pointing out other people’s flaws. Tales of students and co-workers making comments like, “Wow your skin is really bad today!” to “You look fat! Did you gain weight?” seem to be commonplace. Enter, a stylish website for (large) men. Like G-Market, the styles are good and the prices are low, but not a lot of English is used. It’s still pretty easy to follow though, with a basic grasp of Hangeul.
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