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Nov 26, 2014

Bloggers Staci and Tyson just experienced their first haircuts in Korea. Actually, Tyson and Bentley, their dog, both got haircuts, while Staci nervously watched. After reading their post, I could relate to Staci. Every time I have gone under the scissors (which hasn’t been very often since I am nitorously bad for maintaining my hairstyle) it has been a nerve racking undertaking. I am petrified they are going to chop off my luscious locks or cut in terrible triangular layers. Koreans usually have great hairstyles. They are very picking about their hair. It’s not Korean hair trends I worry about. It’s the language barrier and difference in my hair texture (I have awfully fine, straight hair) that sends me into a fit of anxiety.


I decided to do a spot of research and called up 5 hair salons in Seoul. They all offer services in English. Put your mind at ease and check out one of these places for your next cut!


Jay’s Hair Dressing

Location: Itaewon (Yongsan-gu Itaewon-dong 126-17 Seoul)

070-4227-6158 / 010-3127-3177

(woman) 50,000, (man) 40,000

Reservation required: Yes, especially on Saturdays when it is very busy.

Tues-Sun, 10am-8pm

On the first visit, Jay gives customers a 10,000 discount. Prices vary for highlights and perms. He does blonde hair coloring.



Lee Kangun Hair Salon

Location: Seoungbuk-gu, Sungsin Women`s University Station, Line #4 exit 7

070-929-3766/ 010-3567-1633

(woman) 30,000, (man) 30,000

Reservation required: Yes, but same day reservations are possible.

Sun-Mon, 10am-8:30pm

Prices vary for highlights and perms. They do blonde hair coloring.



Ihee Hair and Make UP

Location: Cheongdam, 82-3 Cheongdam-dong, Kangnam-gu Seoul


prices range from 45,000 - 110,000. VAT is not included.

Yes, they must make sure an English speaking hairdresser in available.

Sun-Mon, 10am-7pm

Prices vary for highlights and perms. They do blonde hair coloring. iHee offers many other services including nail care, makeup, waxing and wedding esthetics. They are not fluent in English but they can understand the basics.



Location: Hongdae, 168-3 Dongja-dong, Mapo-gu, Hongnam Building Seoul


(woman) 30,000, (man) 25,000

Reservation required: Yes, but same day reservations are possible.

Sun-Mon, 10am-8pm

Prices for highlights and perms start at 100,000. They do blonde hair coloring. The person on the phone spoke excellent English and was thorough about the services offered.




머리 잘라주세요. (Meoli jallajusaeyo.)

짧게 잘라주세요. (Jjalb jallajusaeyo.)

다듬어주세요. (Dadeumeo jusaeyo.)

펌 (파마) 해주세요. (Paum [Pama] haejusaeyo.)

염색해주세요. (Yeom saek haejusaeyo.)


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Lindsey lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea for over 5 years. While there, she dabbled in different areas of work and explored the culture. She spent time teaching elementary students, business English to adults and high school students about college preparation. She also studied Korean, wrote blogs and tasted as many foods as she possibly could including fermented skate fish. Over the years, Lindsey developed a love for Korea and the culture. She is keen to share her knowledge of Korea with others and she will always consider Korea a second home.

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