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It's the sluttiest, excuse me, spookiest holiday of the year, Halloween is upon us! (approximately 2 weeks)

Halloween festivities are a plenty this year to get you into the spirit. Have you planned your October 31st eve yet?



I know for most healthy people, Halloween night will involve some heavy partying dressed as a sexy monster at one of their favorite clubs or bars. But you can do that in whichever city you're in right?


You must do that but in addition, Seoul city offers you a number of extra festivities to uniquely celebrate the holiday that maybe you didn't know about.


Put on your favorite classic horror movies or check out some of these local halloween events to fully embrace the holiday and have a halloween that you'll remember this time?



Zombie Walk


To start the holiday off, comes an early celebration for real Halloween enthusiasts. This upcoming weekend Oct 17th (Sat.) is Seoul's Zombie Walk. Expats and Koreans dress up in gory detail, gather their friends and Shinchon & Hongdae becomes zombie territory.



For more information on the Zombie Walk, click here.



Halloween Booze Cruise



For those looking for a more special pregaming session on October 31st, in Seoul many expats go on the halloween 'booze cruise.' Tickets each year (80,000 won) have sold fast for these crazy boat parties. DJ's spin beats all night, free draft beer is plenty, cash prizes are given to those best dressed, and a fireworks show is watched right from the boat, all before guests go back to dry land to the 5 different after party venues they'll have access to, with special drink prices.


There are two versions, the Halloween Booze Cruise & the Halloween Cruise Bash. Take your pick!




Horror Nights at Everland



We all know and love Korea's favorite and largest theme park, but have you visited in the month of October? The ENTIRE theme park is halloween madness, complete with their own horror village.


Their halloween mazes (not recommended for those easily scared!), where groups will find their way out of the building have been set up to look like the haunted house of your nightmares. Expect bloody mangled body parts and dead frankenstein human experiments. You'll be in the dark with a flashlight, goodluck!



They also have parades, rides, and their own DJ parties. You can even get special effects make-up done and be a zombie for a night, because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (& when else is it acceptable)


Go to the horror village at night, you'll piss your pants at some of the dressed up characters lurking in the shadows.



For a complete rundown of Everland's Halloween themed events, click here.



The Dark Side of Seoul Tour

Do you believe in ghosts?


According to urban legend and Joe McPherson, founder of ZenKimchi Food Journal, the host of these tours, some of Seoul's dimly lit back alleys have a dark past of endless scandals and secrets involving murder, sex, and mourning ghosts, many of which are unknown to locals and passersby. These legends have been dug up after a year of research and turned into the only english 'ghost tour' in the country.



The tours directly take you to the haunted sites. He'll tell you how the Anguk neighborhood became called the "alley of ashes," learn of victims of Korea's most notorious serial killer's past, see the street with so many ghosts that people say they can't take a clear picture at night and more.



The night walking tour has a shorter or extended version and are held on Saturday nights for October and upcoming months.


A ticket for one person will be 40,000 won and they suggest to bring a change of underwear.


For more information and to book, click here.



This year, Halloween spirit in me has been particularly high, due to the newly premiered tv show Scream Queens, filled with the best dry humor, and lots of blood...


Join me in the name of Halloween and watch the video below to see what I mean!



Happy (Almost) Halloween!



If you haven't yet gotten your Halloween costume together, check out our article on getting your Halloween supplies & cosume here!

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