Weekend Review: Seoul Motor Show 2015

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Apr 06, 2015

Seoul Motor Show


The Seoul Motor Show 2015 kicked off last Thursday April 2 with a huge press and media party.  I don’t consider myself “press” or “media” so I went the following day April 3.  The Seoul Motor Show is a bi-annual event and it takes place in one of the largest exhibition halls in Korea: the Korea International Exhibition Center better known as KINTEX.


It was my first time going to a motor show and to KINTEX.  I didn’t realize how huge this exhibition center was until I actually arrived.  I expected the motor show to be in one big show room. Boy, was I wrong.  With close to 30 exhibitors on the list, they were divided into 10 different halls across two different buildings.

One of the first things I noticed about this event was the diversity of the people who attended.  People from different age groups and different countries all attended this event.  I saw families, students, senior citizens, tourist and foreigners all attend this event.  It makes sense though because at least 2 million people attend this event during the 10-day span.  This is definitely an international event.  Ticket prices are reasonable at 10,000 won a head or 7,000 won a head for a group over 30 people.


Because this is a Motor Show held in Korea, naturally I spent more time checking out the domestic vehicles (Hyundai, Kia, Renault Samsung).  Hyundai, of course, had the biggest platform and the largest stage (it is their hometown) spending at least 100,000,000,000 won on their display.  KIA and Renault Samsung had smaller platforms however their display of their K-Series and SM-Series was just as glamorous.

I arrived at the motor show way too late to participate in any of the interesting events but I had a glimpse of some of the fun activities in store for the attendees.  One of the activities I wanted to try out was the vehicle riding event.  It is event to test some of the more eco-friendly cars that some of the Korean companies had to offer such as Renault Samsung.  The line was way too long to wait to test some of the rides but if you show up early I would definitely recommend coming here first to test drive one of these cars.  (Center 2 Hall 7).


I thoroughly enjoyed going to each exhibitor’s stage and looking at all the cars I wouldn’t be able to buy in my life time.  Just being right near some of those perfectly constructed cars made me want to work my tail off and spend all my money on a single car.  I don’t know much about cars but I’m sure some of these cars were north of the hundred thousand dollars range. It fascintated me of how many people showed that much interest in cars.

This is definitely an event everyone in Korea should attend to if you like cars and models.  I saw the most photographers and I wasn’t really sure if they were taking pictures of the cars or the focusing more on the models.  Don’t get me wrong the motor show’s ultimate goal is for manufacturers to display their new and improved vehicles.  In order to showcase their vehicles they have extremely beautiful women standing next to it.  I’m sure people come for the cars but more come for the models.

The KINTEX center is one of the better exhibition halls I’ve been to in my life.  KINTEX has many exhibitions, shows and event all year around.  I think if this is your first time going, the Seoul Motor Show is the perfect show to attend to.  It is definitely easy to get to from Seoul.

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General Information

  • Name: Seoul Motor Show 2015
  • Date of exhibition: April 02-12 2015
  • Frequency: bi-annually
  • Inauguration: 1995
  • Venue: Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX)
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