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Jun 01, 2016




Although Korea is a foodie heaven with a wide variety of choices from quick and cheap kimbob restaurants to high-end course meal restaurants, and exotic cuisines, there's a place that satisfies everybody, and that everybody goes back to at one point. McDonalds!

McDonald has quick, filling burgers and sweet treats, and we are all comfortable with what to order since we all know that we can go grab a Big Mac, Mc Nuggets, and Mcflurry.

Still, Mcdonalds is considered a highly succesful global brand because it carries on country specific values and is well adjusted into Korean taste and habits.

So though we feel like there will be nothing different, there might be a little, minor challenges, but don't be afraid.

We'll go through each step of having Mcdonalds together !






First challenge :

Extra Value Meal = Set Menu

(Big Mac Meal = Big Mac Set)





Second challenge :

Disposing left-over and recycle!

Plastic lids and straws/ food waste/ liquid/ the rest(wrappers, ketchup packets, napkins)

Don't leave your garbage on the table!







Nothing was that much challenging, right?

For newbies visiting McDonald's Korea, here's some more tidbits for you!


Tips :

  1. Add McDonalds on Kakao Talk. They give out coupons and notify you with discounts and events!
  2. McDonalds Korea has delivery service. Call 1600-5252 or order online! 24/7 and absolutely free for orders over 7,000won! Yay!
  3. Try Korea specific items – Shanghai Spicy Chicken Burger & Bulgogi Burger! They are absolutely delicious choices! You won't get disappointed. Or at've tried something that you can't in another country! wink


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