The Night at the Live Club Day (May ed.)

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Jun 04, 2015


Every last Friday of each month, Hongdae’s Live Club Day presents 10 club/music halls with bands and club parties. Recently, I stumbled across the Live Club Day Facebook page. The last I heard about Live Club Day was when I was in High School. My curiosity gets the better of me. So, I had to make plans to go to the May Live Club Day.

Right after work I headed straight to Hongdae. I always knew the area was crowded on Fridays but I was surprised to see twice as many people on that particular day. It was inevitable. Lee Seung Hwan, a famous Korean Singer/producer, was to perform as the special “Legend” guest for Live Club Day (Apparently he’s a “Legend”). Once I arrived at the Lezhincomics V-Hall, I paid the 20,000won (cash only) entrance fee and received a wrist band.



Once I got into the concert hall, the air-conditioned (WOOHOO!) room was immediately packed. The audience was filled with groups of friends and couples. I noticed some foreigners in the crowd. At 8pm the rock concert had started. The first band, Free Market, was great at loosening up the tension among the crowd creating a rocking atmosphere. I was standing fairly in the middle of the crowd and was constantly the target of getting splashed with water in the face (If you like getting soaked this is a big plus!) by the band members.

When Lee Seung Hwan’s concert finally started, the audience went crazy. The Hall was overflowed causing late comers to stand right outside the entrance door. So how was the overall experience? I have never really been a “rock” fan but it was impossible to resist my head to bobble (how embarrassing) and feet to the beats. Each band had an hour to perform. Free albums were given out to random people. One person was randomly given a bottle of Soonhari ChuemChurum, a rare soju!.



My after thoughts on May’s Live Club day were a very positive one. Considering the low 20,000won pricing, I hadn’t expected a high quality concert but May's Live Club Night is one of the best concert I have been in a while. All bands were filled with stage charisma and the audience was fantastic in embracing the wild rock mood. My only regret was not being able to visit the other venues that night. However, I shall return for more this June. This time around I plan to get the early bird tickets online for 15,000won.


Who is Live Club Day for? Anyone who enjoys Rock, Jazz, or/and HipHop music.


The next Live Club Day will be on June 26 2015.

Live Club Day for more information.


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