Seoul Subway Accident AGAIN: A 19 Year Old Worker Hit by Train

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May 31, 2016



A 19 year old screen door maintenance worker, subcontracted with Seoul Metro died on Saturday May 29th. He was repairing the screen door when he was trapped between the door and the platform and killed by incoming train.

Seoul Subway operator, a public corporation, Seoul Metro is blamed for the death. Seoul Metro’s slack safety has been largely criticized since the first accident regarding safety issue occurred in 2013. This was a third time of this kind of fatal accident of workers.


The victim, surnamed Kim was working by himself without a supervisor nor a coworker to notify him from approaching train, violating safety guide lines.



He was receiving the minimum wage with hopes of getting a permanent job under subcontract for 7 months at the company. The picture of his belongings which includes a cup noodle which probably would have been his lunch, stirred up public emotion. Seoul citizens came to the spot of incident to express their condolescence.




Screen doors were first installed in 2007 to prevent people from being pushed or jumping onto the tracks, but they became a cause of fatal accidents due to frequent malfunction.


An 81 year old woman died in February this year after being stuck between a screen door at Seoul Station, and a maintenance man was crushed at Gangnam Station in August last year. The picture of bloodstained subway door was released giving shock to millions of subway passengers who are exposed to the same danger every single day.



Seoul Metro announced that they will change the screen door maintenance company from outsourcing to a subsidiary company from this August and bolster the safety regulation and strengthen the system within this year to make sure that no more accidents take place. However, they are underfire as the proposed new safety regulations had been proposed from the first accident, but there was no implementation so far till another accidents occur again.



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