Random Killing at Gangnam Station this Tuesday

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May 19, 2016




A murder case random killing occurred near Gangnam Subway station this Tuesday, May 17th at 1am.

Reportedly, the case happened because of hatred for females. A young female in early her early twenties was victimized to a murder without intent. The suspect killed and targeted on a woman who was an utter stranger. It took place in the public toilet in a 4 story building located just outside Gangnam Subway station Line number 2 Exit 10.

Around midnight the victim was drinking at a bar on the first floor with her boyfriend and friends. She went to toilet alone halfway up the staircase from the bar leading to second floor, got stabbed several times on the chest, and killed on the spot.








The surveillance camera recorded the crime and was released on internet, disclosing the brutal crime scene. The camera captured the full account of the atrocious night.

The video recorded the suspect Kim loitering around and entering the toilet before the victim, and leaving unemotionally. Her boyfriend came looking for her after a while, and he was recorded collapsing when he discovered his girlfriend’s body in the horror of the crime scene.

The police caught Kim, a 34 year old man, the next day when he turned up at the restaurant where he works part-time around the area. He was wearing the same cloth from the night and had the kitchen knife he used as the weapon. The knife was from the restaurant he works in.

Admitting his charge, Kim told the police that he is a misogynist. His killing was motivated by his hatred for women, and he had no priory contact with her. He said he hated all women as he felt ignored by them.








It gave a shock and deeply affected thousands of people using the particular subway station every single day, and everyone who has used public bathroom ever. No one can be safe from this kind of random killing out of uncontrolled anger. To express condolence over this terrible murder case targeted on any women, citizens of Seoul have been placing flowers and letters of mourn at the Exit 10 of Gangnam Station.






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