Lasik/Lasek by the Numbers (South Korea)

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Dec 31, 2014
Lasik/Lasek by the Numbers

Lasik/Lasek surgery has become quite common place. This type of eye surgery has its origin in the United States and has gone global. If you use facebook or other types of social media you will come across ads promoting Eye Clinics in South Korea. You might see a lot of testimonials promoting these clinis but there is little way to verify if they are actually the patients true experience. I have not run across any horror stories but I wanted to do a little bit more research on this subject. The fact that plastic surgery is common place in South Korea is no secret. There are several different eye clinics that are focusing their effort on attracting foreign clientel. 

I decided to compare five of the more advanced countries to gather some perspective. I decided to look at population, the average number of eye surgeries that happened in these countries in 2012. I took a close look at pricing as well because as far as my friends are concerned is a major factor on getting Lasik/Lasek surgery in South Korea. 

Population Comparison (Millions)

Average Number of Eye Surgeries 2012 (Thousands)

These numbers alone aren't that impressive but when you put them together it appears that South Korea is quickly becoming a leader in Lasik/Lasek eye surgery. 

Number of Surgeries vs. Population (%)

South Korea, despite being the smallest country has an outstanding number of surgeries per year. If you take a look at the next graph as well popularity and competition appears to have a huge impact on the price tag of these surgeries. 

Average Cost Per Eye (USD)

When I compare pricing alone it makes a persuasive case to pursue Lasik/Lasek in South Korea. Unfortunately I couldn't find relevant information regarding safety. I hope this brief summary has provided some insight into the current market of Lasik/Lasek eye surgery in South Korea.

Some of the websites are definitely worth checking out, however they all take a very similar approach in advertising themselves. (Lasik/Lasek Advert) 

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