K-Pop Korean Phrase (바람났어)

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May 11, 2016


G-Dragon and Great Park’s 바람났어!















If you are a K-pop fan, then you must know G-dragon(지드래곤) from Big Bang(빅뱅).

If you watch Korean TV shows, you probably know Great Park(박명수).

On the one of the most popular TV shows called ‘Infinite Challenge(무한도전)’,

the two and Park Bom(박봄) from 2NE1 collaborated and created a song called “Ba-rham-na-sseo(바람났어)”.






바람났어! Okay, 바람 means wind, and 나다 means to happen or breakout.

In literal translation, the song’s name in English refers to ‘Having an affair’, so the person having the affair is blowing like wind.


The word 바람둥이(ba-rham-doong-ee) also means ‘playboy’ in Korean. 바람, wind doesn’t have to be an affair, extra-marital relationship.

It could also mean starting something new. Like if you’ve been single all your life, but then suddenly start dating this person and that person, then you are 바람났어.

It’s not necessarily about relationships, if you start something new like start learning dancing, then you can say “나 춤(dance) 바람났어.”


There’s a saying that “늦바람이 불다.”

늦다 means late. So it literally means a late wind blows, an expression used when you start something new later in life, like starting college in you 40’s.

Can you think of other examples for this expression other than “춤바람” and “늦바람” ?





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