K-Drama Korean Phrases (쥐났어)

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May 10, 2016


K-Drama Korean Phrases

Reply 1988

Episode 4



Let me pose a question. How do you say “I have a cramp!” in Korean?





쥐났어!” = I have a cramp!

Jung-hwan suddenly falls down grabbing his calf. He has a cramp at his leg. ‘To have a cramp’ in Korean is ‘쥐나다(jui-na-da)’.


He seems to be in pain! What’s Deok-sun’s remedy?


She says “야옹(ya-ong)” trying to mimic a cat. 야옹 is meow.

Wait, he’s got a cramp, and she is pretending to be a cat? What’s the joke here?

‘쥐(jui)’ also means ‘mouse’ in Korean, what do you need to scare 쥐 away? A cat! Lol!




뭐하냐.” = What are you doing?

이거 아니야?” = It’s not this?

He looks at her with the face ‘what the heck…?’ and she awkwardly smiles back.



He busts into laughter lol. He just can’t stop adoring her, she’s so cute!



Now she tries growling like a tiger since cat doesn’t seem to be scary enough to chase out the mouse at his leg!



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