K-Drama Korean Phrase (쌩얼)

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May 09, 2016


K-Drama Korean Phrases


Descendants of the Sun

Episode 2



On the first date day of Mo-yeon and Shi-jin, Shi-jin arrives 2 hours early.

A bad news, right? Girls need TIME for makeups and all that!



Of course, she’s not ready yet. She’s just got shower but Shi-jin looks at her smiling.



Then she unexpectedly finds him waiting for her and gets surprised and instantly hides her face.



자꾸 피해요?” = Why are avoiding eye contact?


It’s too obvious question, but he really doesn’t seem to understand and asks her why she’s looking away.



자신감이 떨어져서 그래요. 지금 (        )이란 말이에요.”

= Because my confidence’s gone. I wear no makeup now.



Can you find the answer? enlightened

Fill in the blank!




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