How to eat Ramyeon at Han River!

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May 16, 2016


How to eat Ramyeon at Han River!



As we are in mid-May, summer is in the air. The sun gets hotter and we’ve taken out shorts and short sleeves out of the closet. There are more and more people enjoying the sunny weather outside by Han River. For a snack or a quick meal, what’s your choice of food?

The most popular menu eaten by Han River is no doubt fried chicken paired with beer. When you hit any number from delivery leaflets the loitering touts distribute, then you get the chicken within 30 minutes.

Probably the second most popular menu is Ramyeon. Because of its convenience and great taste, this quick and easy meal remains almost as Korean’s staple food. Koreans love for Ramyeon never ends.

Ramyeon is filling, quick, and easy to make. It’s just a perfect choice for outdoor activities as well!

Anyway, we can’t get Ramyeon delivered, then what are the ways we can have Ramyeon at Han River?




1. 편의점(Convenience Store)

At the convenience stores by Han River sells Ramyeon in throwaway foil bowls. How’s it different from cup noodles? Just the cup?

Nope, there are electric stoves designed for Ramyeon. You don’t put hot water like cup noodle here. Just cold water is needed and you put everything in, and let it boil. Since the stove goes up to very high degree, it’s done within 1 min, quicker than cup noodles!

Another advantage is this kind is that you can put other things in such as eggs or sausages since you can cook them together. Convenience stores sell one single egg or a little amount of ham, sausages, and cheese to customize your Ramyeon!


















2. 컵라면(Cup noodle)

We all know this one. Cup noodles are quick and easy. All you need is hot water, and chopsticks and 3 minutes of time for the noodles to be done!













3. 뽀글이(PPo-gu-ri)

This might look new to you. It’s a well-known recipe for cooking Ramyeon actually. In military, soldiers cook their Ramyeon like this because they don’t have a bowl or pot for noodles in a packet during missions. So for Korean men, it’s kind of nostalgic menu. They sometimes cook Ramyeon this way although they have all the cooking gears just to flash back to their military life. It’s simple. Directions are the same as cup noodles but the packet becomes the cup itself. Let the noodles cooked for 2-3 more minutes as those noodles are thicker than noodles in a cup noodle.













4. 직접 끓여먹기 (캠핑)

Ramyeon is a must for camping! However, this option is opted out for a picnic at Han River. Around the Han River is no cooking area unfortunately. So no Ramyeon…and no barbeque at the Han River Park! Maybe that’s why delivered chickens are so popular out there instead of barbeques.









5. 생라면(Raw Ramyeon)

The last option, actually my favorite, is to eat it uncooked. Is it okay to eat it raw? Yes! Ramyeon noodles are already fried then preserved. So it’s fully cooked in fact. No worries for food poisoning and etc.

Just smash it before you open it, and put the soup powder in and shake it!!

Be careful not to put all the powder in, because there is no water, it is way spicier than eating it with soup.

Put the powder a little by little to your taste, and enjoy the crunchy, spicy noodles, it’s better than any chips or crackers!



















For it’s such a popular way to enjoy Ramyeon, there are Ramyeon snacks made just to be eaten raw. On the package, it says “Don’t boil it!”

If you are a fan of Ramyeon, definitely give it a go, but don’t try cooking it out of curiosity for skipped to read the warning! Many who already gave in to the curiosity have testified that it tastes awful in water!




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