Gang Rape of a Female Teacher in a Remote Island

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Jun 08, 2016





The case of gang rape of a young female teacher sparked up public outrage.

A female teacher in her twenties was raped by 3 men on a remote island in the southwest sea on May 22nd.

The men were fathers of her students.


The three men, Park(49), Kim(39), Lee(34), raped the teacher who had been assigned to the island’s public elementary school in March. There is enough suspicion that the crime was planned out.



A student’s mother invited the teacher to a dinner at a local restaurant owned by Park, but she did not show up. The teacher was having dinner alone, and Park joined her table and offered her drinks, and Park called Lee to the restaurant and they drank together and got her drunk.


Then Park took her to her residence and raped her there. Lee came by to give her cellphone back that she left at the restaurant and did the crime. Also Park called Kim and told him to take care of her and Kim came to her residence and raped her.


The suspects said they did not plan for the crime, however the circumstantial evidence says that it was a set up. The mother who invited her to the restaurant never showed up and two men forced her to drink and then afterwards raped her, and the other man joined them later.



The victim reported the incident to the police on the island but they did not start investigation immediately. She then reported to a different police station on the mainland with the help of her boyfriend. The police started to look into the case but it was not easy since nobody on the island was cooperative. They found traces of semen of all 3 men but they insistently denied any involvement.


The case was made public just last week. This secluded island is notorious for having slaves on the island, but it is off-limits for investigation. Just 1 week before this incident, a young male teacher has gone missing without a trace.









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