Finding the right coffee in Korea

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Jun 01, 2016



   Finding the Right Coffee in Korea







1. Starbucks

Americano : 4100w

Cafe Latte : 4600w

Tips :

  • If you pay with reloadable Starbucks membership card, you can add one free extra!
  • When you place an order, the baristas will call the number on your receipt or say the name of the beverages instead of calling your name. Don't stand there for your barista to ask your name!
  • You can connect to free olleh wifi by logging into "olleh-starbucks" with your email adress.









2. Caffe Bene

Americano : 4100 w

Cafe Latte : 4600 w

Tips :

  • When you place an order, they will give you a 'thing'! A buzzer. An electronic device used to alert you that your order is ready. You don't need to wait by the counter, just wait till your buzzer to beep or light!








2. Angel-in-us Coffee

Americano : 4100 w

Cafe Latte : 4600 w









2. The Coffee Bean

Americano : 4500 w

Cafe Latte : 5000 w

Tips :

  • You can change your milk to low fat milk without charge and to soy milk by adding 500 won.
  • Coffee Bean uses powder instead of syrup, such as vanilla powder for vanilla latte and cocoa powder for mocha. Non-fat powder is available for your choice.











2. Paik's Coffee

Americano : 1500 w(hot) / 2000 w(iced)

Cafe Latte : 2500 w(hot) / 3000 w(iced)







2. Idiya

Americano : 2800 w

Cafe Latte : 3200 w




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