Cost of Living in South Korea

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May 18, 2016


Cost of Living in South Korea


Relatively Korea isn't an expensive country to live, but it's good to know and calculate the living expense if you are planning on moving to Korea.

Let's find out how much it would cost living in Korea to help you plan your budget.

Note that the prices vary depending on product and service provider. The list below is average prices from major marts like E-mart, Lotte Mart, and Homeplus.


30 eggs = 4,500 won.


Water (2 litre x 6) = 4~6,000 won


A cluster of bananas = 3~7,000 won

(Starbucks Korea sells one banana for 1,500won!)


Milk (1liter) = 2,600 won


A box of Kellogg(750g) = 7,500 won


Packet of cigarettes (Marlboro) = 4,500 won


Rice (1kg) = 3,500 won


White bread(Paris Baguette) = 2,500 won



1 Roll of Kimbob = 2,500~4,000 won


Burger meal(McDonald's Big Mac) = 6,000 won


1 Fried Chicken = 15~19,000 (delivered)


Bottle of beer = 3,000 won


1 menu at university cafeteria = 2~4,000 won


Coca Cola (330ml) = 2,000 won


Americano (Starbucks) = 4,000 won


Taxi rate per km = 1,100 won (Starts at 2,400 won)


Bus/Subway fare (minimum) = 1,250 won


Dinner at a mid-restaurant(Outback Steakhouse) per person = 2~30,000 won +





Above link is Korea's #1 provider Emart's online shopping page. You can have an idea on how much you may spend for grocery shopping if you can read and comprehend some Korean :)

If you want to know more or specific information on the living expenses, leave a comment! I can look up for you!





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