Continued Subway Incidents: A Knife Threat at Daerim Station.

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May 31, 2016






A 49 year-old man, surnamed Lee, took out a 20cm long knife and tried to attack passengers.

The story goes he was drunk and when a janitor scolded him for spitting on the platform, he got angry and suddenly took out the knife. People got terrified and ran away from the man.

Before anybody got injured, the station master managed to trip and subdue him.




He was reported to have been drinking 7 bottles of soju, and he was convicted of the same crime in 2007 and was jailed for 2 years.

No plausible excuse has been found to explain the knife being in his pocket so far. Seoul Police is currently investigating on his intention and whether he is mentally disturbed.


Still South Korea is a relatively safe country, but similar incidents, though completely unconnected and random, have took place within a week. Random attacks and stabbing, and the society has plunged into a crisis of crime and violence.


Experts are considering on the possibility of copycat crimes. Korea has a tendency that once a trend takes off, everyone wants to do it and it also seems to apply on crimes. There was enough built-up sentiment to take off from a trigger they said.


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