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May 18, 2016



Korean Idioms



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“배추 잎은 빳빳한 게 최고야♡”

=Cabbage leaves are the best when crisp!



Of course, cabbages are the best when it’s fresh and crisp, but in Korean it’s not just about the vegetable.

Can you guess at what it idiomatically means?




If you’ve traveled or are living in Korea, these Korean bills must look familiar to you.


The last one on the right, the yellow 50,000won bill with the lady, came to be circulating since 2009, so not for long. Therefore 10,000won bill was the most valuable bill before then, and because of the colour of the bill, people often compared it to cabbage leaf, and new bills just printed out from the bank are crisp and stiff, and new money, and the smell of it, is everyone’s favorite! By the way, cabbage mentioned here is Korean cabbage, the one used to make Kimchi!




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