Coffee Break Korean (넘사벽)

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May 12, 2016

  Korean Slangs



You can never reach 넘사벽


Short for the phrase 없는 (4)차원의 (4 dimensional wall we cannot pass over), this term literally means “unclimbable wall.”

It is used to refer to something that cannot be overcome or that is a big obstacle.


Though human beings reached the moon, as humans, we remain in 3 dimensional world, and 4 dimensional world is only possible in the movies. That’s the limit of humans.





“She is too beautiful.” = 그녀는 넘사벽

“She is too rich” = 그녀는 넘사벽

“She is too smart” = 그녀는 넘사벽

“She is just so perfect!” = 그녀는 진짜 넘사벽!


"Harvard University >>>>> frown넘사벽 >>> Other Universities"


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