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May 19, 2016



Must-Know Korean Word and Phrases




On the list of MUST-TRY Korean food, 감자탕 is one. Have you tried it?

감자 means ‘potato’, then is 감자탕 a potato soup?







감자탕 is ‘Pork backbone stew’, and 감자 here has nothing to do with potatoes although potatoes usually go in there as an ingredient.

In fact, pork backbone was called 감자 which means ‘the part of the pork with sweet taste’ a long time ago, like once upon a time ago. So 감자 here indicates the pork, not the potatoes. Now it’s we don’t use the word 감자 for backbone(등뼈), but the dish is still called 감자탕 to this day. It’s the best accompaniment for soju!






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