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May 17, 2016

Coffee Break Survival Korean




One day, I came to make a hard decision when my friend asked me if I want to go eat “갈매기살(seagull meat)” with him. I was stunned for a moment, and thought,

‘Wait, do people really eat seagulls? Is it fried like chicken? Or grill in on a pan? Does it taste like duck or what?!?’



모서리가 둥근 사각형 설명선: Are you…gonna eat me?



I asked him if he really meant ‘seagull’, and he laughed and said “Of, course! It’s good, you must try!” So I decided to go off from the safe boundaries of poultry, and try something new.



모서리가 둥근 사각형 설명선: FUCK!!


And where he had taken me to was a regular Korean BBQ place!




When I got this on our table, I still doubted, but the marinated meat looked delicious and the smell of barbeque filling the restaurant was mouth-watering.



Ahhh, it looks good even in the picture! It makes me drool almost.

Just before I tried a bite, he confessed me the truth. 갈매기살(Galmaeggi sal) wasn’t seagull meat, in truth, it was pork!



갈매기살, it’s a part of pork in between the pork belly(삼겹살) and ribs(갈비). The orange colored part is 갈매기살, which is flap meat taken from the concave part of spareribs and Saint Louis ribs. In the States, it’s usually trimmed off the ribs and ground up for sausages, but in Korea this cut is a delicacy and there are restaurants with this as their featured menu. It tastes juicy and a little chewy.

Ever since, it’s my favorite meat!



Tips: Different techniques are needed to grill different parts of meats.

For 갈매기살, you need to consistently turn and flip it over and over again as you cook it directly on the grill at a very hot temperature, and since the pieces are quite thick, it takes quite long to be thoroughly cooked.

Would you like to try 갈매기살 for your next barbeque dinner?



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