Cat Cafe in Hongdae - Seoul, Korea (고양이 다락방) Kitty Café: Feeding &am

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Apr 30, 2015

In this video Samuel and Audrey visit a cat café (고양이 다락방) in Hongdae - Seoul, Korea. Cat cafes are very popular in Korea. With busy work schedules and small apartments it can be difficult for people to keep pets. Well, cat cafes are the perfect solution for the animal lover!

Wandering around the city, it's not unusual to come across a person dressed in a cat suit (usually one of Garfield) advertising a cat café in the area. The one we visited was in Hongdae, just a two-minute walk from Hongik University Station Exit 9.

Admission to the cat café was 8000 won, which is close to $8USD. That included a beverage and unlimited time playing with all the cats in the café. You can participate in feeding time, and additionally, you can purchase small treats for 2000-3000 won to lure the cats your way.

It's a wonderful place to feed and play with cats of all ages and sizes.

The cats are all very friendly. Just remember a few ground rules: no picking up and hugging the cats, don't use flash when photographing the cats, don't disturb the cats that are sleeping, and don't feed them any human food.

Have a purrrr-fect time! 

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