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Jun 10, 2015


Blood type has been –still is– a relevant way Korean's use to 'predict' one’s personality. It may be asked on a date, group meeting and even a job interview.


Does Blood type really define who we really are?

Japanese scientist/psychologist Furukawa Takeji had studied on the correlation between bloo type and personality. He had found that certain blood types are most likely to have common personality traits. However, there are no substantial scientific evidence that supports the blood type/personality theory.


The stereotype on blood types is commonly understood in Korea as a fun way to get to know each other.

The article lists out a simple – hopefully fun – description of blood types (Women/Men).

So, what blood type are you?




Blood Type ‘A’ Women (like Lisa Simpton) you are responsible and careful. You are passionate about your future. You have a soft spot for all things to be equal — including yourself.

But often, when times are hard, you end up easily wanting to give up. This mostly stemming from emotional insecurity in your image seen by others.

Last but not least, you have a hard time dealing with untrustworthy people (Like Bart & Homer!)


Blood Type ‘A’ Men (Like Spock) You are logical; often, you probably say "This is highly illogical" . Because of this, you like to follow the 'rules'.

You have a difficult time solving emotional problems due to your logical nature; therefore, you easily seclude yourself to your own world.

Fear of failure drives you to plan out situations. Half of the time, this is to your advantage. The other half, you end up not taking action in the right time.

Cure? Captain Kirk


Blood Type ‘B’ Women (Like Anna from Frozen) you are polite and an extrovert. "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Your straightfoward nature and curiousity has you a conversational master, easily approachable.

You are decisive, punctual, at the point but then easily swayed by emotional distress. Maybe it would be good if you had a talking snowman to melt for you?


Blood Type ‘B’ Men (Like Tony Stark/ aka. Iron Man) you are always 'cool'. You don't give a @!#$ what other people think about you. Your arrogance makes you immune to all blame!

Changes that may affect others negatively doesn't change you. When it comes to formalies and leading others.. theres a slight (high) chance that a couple people dislike (hate) you.

But did I mention you are 'cool'?


Blood Type ‘O’ Women (Like Princess Leia) you are careful when it comes to relational and logical issues (SPOILER! although you may end up kissing your secret brother).

Your confident and focused personality gives energy to others.

You tend to use logic over emotion which has its ups and downs. Eventually, your logical personality can cause people to believe you to be boastful and stubborn.

What drives you the most is your lack of tolerance to losing!


Blood Type ‘O’ Men (90% of anime characters/ Luffy) you are kind and affectionate to others, even strangers. You put friends and love ones before youself due to "honor".

And you have set goals–like saving the world– but the exception, you are cold to those you don't like.

You are selfish when it comes to achieving your goals. Furthermore, you don't really listen to others... maybe because you are busy saving the world?


Blood Type ‘AB’ Women (Like Daenerys Targaryen from the GoT) you are calm and gentle but also very witty. Quick to ajust, always one step forward due to your analyzing skills.

You think outside of the box.

It is difficult to make close friends, people see you as beautiful and stylish but you also come out as cold hearted

Your high expectations in life usually cause you notice the futility in life.



Blood Type ‘AB’ Men (Like Dexter from Dexter's Lab) You are a mix of 'A' and 'B' blood types having both the good and bad. (Logical + Arrogant). We all wouldn't be surprised if you have your secret little mad scientist lair!

You despise all things that wastes your precious time. All in all, when it comes to rational thinking, you are very calm minded. Sadly, your close friends don't really understand most of the things you do and say.


Last Thoughts

Do you agree with the personality description for your blood type?

When meeting someone new, it's a fun way to further enhance the conversation by asking their blood type. You can learn a bit more about the person by asking if they agree to the characteristics  of each blood type.

When you have a chance, blood types can be a great way to break the ice!


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