Banana Milk Fever!

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May 17, 2016


Banana Milk Fever!


Binggrae’s Banana Fat Milk! Also comes in melon, strawberry and coffee.

With its long history, it’s safe to assume that everyone in Korea knows this Binggrae’s Flavored Milk. Those who tasted this brand’s milk when they were young tend to consume the same product when they are grown up. It’s been popular more than 40 years became a national drink, possessing nostalgic value for many Koreans. The popularity of Banana Flavored Milk among people of all ages is, first, attributed to its taste.



The only reason why people go back to a kind of food again and again is because it tastes so gooood! Mixed with fresh, fruity banana flavor and scent is nicely balanced out by soft, creamy, savory taste of milk. It consists of 80% milk, and there are few flavored milks that have such a high content of natural milk.

Also the unique shape of the bottle is strongly associated with the Milk. Not to mention that its chubby, paunchy design is one more reason why it’s adored. This funny –shape bottle is super cute! Now the bottle itself is a symbol of Banana Milk.

About 800,000 bottles of Banana Milk are sold each day in Korea and around 6 billion bottles have been sold across the country since the product was launched in 1974. The top-selling product in convenience stores is also this Banana Milk.




You can often witness people drinking Binggrae's banana or other flavored milk in Korean dramas.

Korean Celebrities, all idols and actors above drink this brand’s fruity flavored drink!





Now banana flavor is the vogue in food industry!

Long loved Orion's Chocopie and Mon cher, have added banana into their famous chocolate gateau.

Anybody tried both and compared them? It's so hard to get both because they are all sold out from stores!




One tip to enjoy the cakes is to microwave them for 15 seconds!

The cream and marshmellow melts just perfectly and makes it like a lava cake! Yum!!


"Together" is one of the long loved icecream brand. It's famous for its rich vanilla flavor, now it comes in new yellow color!

Banana vanilla ice cream is one must-try!



There are all kinds of banana flavored snacks, and there are even potato chips with banana flavor!



Even more, there are banana soju and banana makgeolri!(rice wine) It's going to sweeten up the drinks!



Try them altogether for ultimate BANANANESS!!!





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