Accident at subway station again

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Oct 19, 2016

(Screen door at Dong-myo station line #1)


A Commuter died in an accident at Kimpo Airport subway station.  7:18 in the morning, the man was stuck between subway door and screen door.

He was getting off the train but the screen door was closed before he reached the platform.

The train started and he was pushed through the emergency door. He was sent to Goyang Myungji Hospital immediately but passed away.


Kimpo airport station was known for its gap between the train and the platform. There were small accidents regarding that but death was the first. 

It is also shocking because there was a screendoor accident just this May at another Seoul subway station, which was a big issue. 


Seoul city and the Seoul metropolitan rapid transit corporation is working on to find the cause of the accident. 

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