[Contest] Talk! Talk! KOREA 2015 with CNBLUE

Category : Korean Cultures / K-Pop/Hallyu
Jun 10, 2015


Global Contents Contest, 'Talk! Talk! KOREA 2015' : What comes to your mind when you think of korea? Express everything you know about Korea through various contents!
- Submsision Period : 2015 May 11 - June 26
- Join the Contest : http://www.korea.net/event/EventInfo.jsp


Event Description: Express your thoughts/feelings/image of Korea through photos, webtoon, postcard, calligraphy, or video.


Grand Prize (6): Invitation to Korea (5days 4 nights)

2nd Prize (12): Laptop

3rd Prize (80): Digital Camera

4th Prize (120): CNBLUE signed CD, KBC world USB


Event is run by Korea.net and KBS World.©

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