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Purchase the worknplay advertising
and resume search service package

Hot Job Posting
Package / Price
First 7 days
(275,000 KRW ) +(30,000 KRW) /1day

WorknPlay Job ad packs are a great way to reduce your job ad rate. They are perfect if you advertise 2 or more positions.

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Standard Job Posting
Package / Price
1Credit 55,000
3Credit 132,000
5Credit 165,000

Your job stands out at the top area of job listings at least a week or more days if you want by adding more days.

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Resume Search
Package / Price
7Days 33,000
14Days 59,400
21Days 79,200
28Days 94,000

We offer different resume search plans based model to immediately connect and engage with the growing candidate marketplace.

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Product features for
each advertising option :

1. WorknPlay Hot Job posting and recruitment

Your job post will be on the top of the WorknPlay Job page

  • With the time period you purchased you job posting will always in the Hot Jobs section.
  • On the Job page, you job ad will be posted on the Resume section as well.
  • Job Ad will be posted on the Hot Job news letter

Product Cost

  • Fixed purchase of at least 7 days and purchase of additional day(s) after that.
  • Fixed purchase of 1 week (275,000 KRW) + 1 day (30,000 KRW)

2. WorknPlay Standard Job posting and recruitment

Your job posting will on the bottom half of the main page.

  • On the Job main page, your job ad will be under the Standard Job list
  • It is a continuous rolling list with the option to repost with more credits.
  • Your job post will be in our database for 3 months.
Package Price Service
1 Credit 55,000
If you purchase 3 or 5 credits, you will get a 20~40% discount.
3 Credit 132,000
5 Credit 165,000
If you do not use your credits within 90 days of your purchase it will be terminated.

3. WorknPlay Package along with banner

With the purchase of the WorknPlay Package (Job posting and resume search), more exposure will be given to your ad in the Job main page are #3 and on the WorknPlay home page.

  • - If you have any questions with your package purchase about the banner advertisement or location please contact us
  • Tel. 02-568-7690
  • Email

Resume search service

1. Resume Search Service

Get access to the WorknPlay resume database.

  • During the period of purchase check as many resumes as you want.
  • - Save your favorite resumes
  • - The day of the purchase will be free. The following day will start your package deal.
  • ** No refunds or cancellations cans be made.

2. How to use resume search

  • - Using the resume search, you can filter the applicant you are looking for according to experience, education, etc.
  • - Person’s picture, name, contact information (phone number and email) can be looked at.
  • - You can easily contact anyone for an interview.
Package Price
7Days 33,000
14Days 59,400
21Days 79,200
28Days 92,400

Registration for job posting

Job Posting advertising process

STEP 1 : Registration

First, you need to register before using our service. After registering, you will receive an confirmation email allowing you to access “post a job” page where you can access various features.

STEP 2 : Find the right product

You will see our products to reach and attract qualified candidates, you can choose the products that fits your needs.

STEP 3 : Make a Payment

After ordering our products, you can make a payment by either bank transfer or credit card through your WorknPlay account.

STEP 4 : Create a Job Posting

After making a payment, we will allow you to access “create a job” page where you can create your company profile and job description.